About Us

Encore’s mission is to deliver superior consulting services and training by providing exceptional preparedness expertise to enhance a client’s resiliency by leveraging our world-class supply chain knowledge coupled with the use of premier information technology.

Our Story

Encore began its journey in the mid-1990’s as a company known for its superior consulting services to assist with improving clients’ understanding, training, and management of their operational needs, primarily with regards to energy supply chain support, fuel products, and equipment, throughout the lifecycle from research and development, procurement, storage, information management, to proper disposition. 

Today, Encore is a multi-faceted company delivering first-class logistics, energy and systems expertise, program management, and training coupled with the use of premier information technology.

Encore is an LDSS Corporation wholly-owned subsidiary.

Our Partners

Our Professional Training

We believe the goal of every training program should be to elevate the operations of an organization by improving the capabilities, performance and productivity of its people.  We take this role seriously and use CompTIA® Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) or industry/ Government equivalent instructors to design training materials and conduct education and training for our customers. We stay at the forefront of new technologies by providing our personnel with training and education support to stay current in their respective fields.